Ukrainian Websites Under ‘Nonstop’ Attack – Cyber Watchdog Agency

Ukraine to Join NATO Intel-Sharing Cyberdefense Hub

How the West Unplugged Russia From the World’s Financial Systems

Security News This Week: A Major Internet Backbone Company Cuts Off Russia

Tech Companies Seek to Choke Out Russian State Media

Russia Says It’s Blocking Facebook in Alarming New Censorship Push

Russia Weighs Risks of Launching Cyberattacks Against the West

Amazon: Charities, Aid Orgs in Ukraine Attacked With Malware

Russia Shares List of 17,000 IPs Allegedly DDoSing Russian Orgs

Krebs: Conti Ransomware Group Diaries, Part III: Weaponry

Experts Urge EU Not to Force Insecure Certificates in Web Browsers

White House Sides With Congress Over Contentious Cyber Bill

CISA Pledges to Share Incident Reports With FBI After DOJ Backlash to Bipartisan Cybersecurity Act
Cyber-Criminals Exploit Invasion of Ukraine

Adafruit Discloses Data Leak From Ex-employee’s Github Repo

Hackers Leak 190GB of Alleged Samsung Data, Source Code

Authorities Investigate Ransomware Attack in Fleetwood Area School District (PA)

Duncan Regional Hospital (OK) Patient Information Exposed in Data Security Incident

Ascension Michigan Data Breach May Have Exposed Some Patients’ Social Security Numbers

T-Mobile Data Breach Victims at Risk For Identity Theft

SharkBot Malware Hides as Android Antivirus in Google Play

Massive Meris Botnet Embeds Ransomware Notes from REvil

Malware Now Using NVIDIA’s Stolen Code Signing Certificates

Social Media Phishing Attacks Are at an All Time High

New Linux Kernel cgroups Vulnerability Could Let Attackers Escape Container

Mozilla Firefox 97.0.2 Fixes Two Actively Exploited Zero-Day Bugs

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