Mandiant: China-Backed Hackers APT41 Breached Government Networks in at Least Six U.S. States

Google: Chinese Hackers APT31 Target Gmail Users Affiliated With U.S. Gov’t

Angry Putin Set to ‘Double Down’ in Ukraine, Intel Chiefs Warn Lawmakers

Ukraine and U.S. Targeted by Cybersecurity Attacks in Run-up to Russian Invasion

Belarus Targeted Ukraine, Poland in Phishing Campaigns: Google

ProtonMail Urges Russian Users to Renew as Payment Options Dry Up

Cloudflare to Auto-Brick Servers That Go Offline in Ukraine, Russia

War Is Calling Crypto’s ‘Neutrality’ Into Question

Gig App Gathering Data for U.S. Military, Others Prompts Safety Concerns

Krebs: Conti Ransomware Group Diaries, Part IV: Cryptocrime

Prison for Man Who Scammed U.S. Government to Buy Rare Charizard Pokémon Card
E-Commerce Giant Mercado Libre Confirms Source Code Data Breach

Emotet Growing Slowly but Steadily Since November Resurgence

DDoS Attacks Now Use New Record-Breaking Amplification Vector

Zero-Click Flaws in Widely Used UPS Devices Threaten Critical Infrastructure

Access:7 Vulnerabilities Impact Medical and IoT Devices

New 16 High-Severity UEFI Firmware Flaws Discovered in Millions of HP Devices

Microsoft Addresses 3 Zero-Days & 3 Critical Bugs for March Patch Tuesday

Android’s March 2022 Security Updates Fix Three Critical Bugs

Google to Buy Cybersecurity Firm Mandiant in $5.4 Billion Deal

Google’s Mandiant Deal Aims to Automate More Cybersecurity Services

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