Russian Prosecutors Warn Western Companies of Arrests, Asset Seizures

VPN Use in Russia Is Surging as Citizens Try to Bypass Government’s Tightening Internet Control

Russia Issues Its Own TLS Certs

Russia Wants to Label Meta an ‘Extremist Organization’

WHO, U.S. Worry Ukrainian Biological Lab Samples Could Spill, Go to Russians

Report: Recent 10x Increase in Cyberattacks on Ukraine (Krebs)

Russian Defense Firm Rostec Shuts Down Website After DDoS Attack

Anonymous Claims to Have Leaked Over 360,000 Files From Russian Federal Agency

DuckDuckGo Down-Ranks Sites Spreading Russian Propaganda

Google-Facebook Ad Deal Is Investigated by EU, UK

Spending Bill Includes Large Funding Increase to Boost Cybersecurity

VPN Provider Bans BitTorrent After Getting Sued by Film Studios
Ubisoft Says It Experienced a ‘Cyber Security Incident’, Purported Nvidia Hackers Take Credit

Wightlink Customers’ Details Stolen in Cyber Attack

Rosneft’s German Unit Reports Cyber Attack

Japan’s Denso Hit by Apparent Ransomware Attack

Bridgestone Americas Confirms Ransomware Attack, LockBit Leaks Data

New ONE PIECE Anime Episodes Delayed After Toei Cyberattack

Fake Valorant Cheats on YouTube Infect You With RedLine Stealer

Raccoon Stealer Crawls Into Telegram

Android Malware Escobar Steals Your Google Authenticator MFA Codes

Singapore Uncovers Four Critical Vulnerabilities in Riverbed Software

Multiple Security Flaws Discovered in Popular Software Package Managers

How to Combat the No. 1 Cause of Security Breaches: Complexity

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