State Department Formally Launches New Cyber Bureau

Harris County Jail (TX) Releases 300 Suspects Due to Computer “Glitch”

FIN7 Hackers Evolve Toolset, Work With Multiple Ransomware Gangs

Cadbury Warns of Easter Egg Scam

Beware of These 5 Tax Scams

SEC Chair Gensler Says Agency Is Planning Greater Oversight of Crypto Markets to Protect Investors
Emma Sleep Company Admits Checkout Cyber Attack

Hackers Breached MailChimp to Phish Cryptocurrency Wallets

Iberdrola Cyber Attack Compromises Data of 1.3 Million in Spain

Denver Center for the Performing Arts Internal Network, Phone System Impacted by Massive Computer Issue

VMware Patches Spring4Shell RCE Flaw in Multiple Products

GitHub Can Now Block Commits Containing API Keys, Auth Tokens

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