Hackers Target Ukrainian Govt With IcedID Malware, Zimbra Exploits

OldGremlin Ransomware Gang Targets Russia With New Malware

Midterms Raise Fears of Russian Cyberattacks

U.S. Blames North Korean Hacker Group Lazarus for $625 Million Axie Infinity Theft

Clueless Hackers Spent Months Inside a Network and Nobody Noticed. Then a Ransomware Gang Turned Up

Ransomware: These Two Gangs Are Behind Half of All Attacks

Data Scientists, Watch Out: Attackers Have Your Number

WhatsApp Doubles Down With End-to-End Encrypted ‘Communities’

FBI: Payment App Users Targeted in Social Engineering Attacks

Instagram Beyond Pics: Sexual Harassers, Crypto Crooks, ID Thieves

5 Things to Know About Elon Musk’s Twitter Bid

Elon Musk Explains What He Wants to Change About Twitter

Microsoft Increases Awards for High-Impact Microsoft 365 Bugs
MetroHealth (OH) Data Breach Involved 1700 Patients

Hetzner Lost Customer Data and Gave 20€ as Compensation

Oil India Suffers Cyber Attack, Receives Rs 57 Crore Ransom Demand

New ZingoStealer Infostealer Drops More Malware, Cryptominers

African Banks Heavily Targeted in RemcosRAT Malware Campaigns

Windows 11 Tool to Add Google Play Secretly Installed Malware

Cisco’s Webex App Phoned Home Audio Telemetry Even When Muted

Rarible NFT Marketplace Flaw Could’ve Let Attackers Hijack Crypto Wallets

Google Chrome Emergency Update Fixes Zero-Day Used in Attacks

Critical Windows RPC CVE-2022-26809 Flaw Raises Concerns — Patch Now

CISA Warns Orgs to Patch Actively Exploited Windows LPE Bug

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