Cyber Command Chief Confirms U.S. Took Part in Offensive Cyber Operations

Line Between Criminal Hackers and Nation-State Threats Blurs, U.S. Officials Say

Cloud Computing Dominates. But Security Is Now the Biggest Challenge

U.S. Gov’t: Paying Karakurt Extortion Ransoms Won’t Stop Data Leaks

Ransomware Attacks Need Less Than Four Days to Encrypt Systems

What if Ransomware Evolved to Hit IoT in the Enterprise?

Sheryl Sandberg Steps Down From Meta

Authorities Seize Domain Names After Probe Into Sales of Stolen Personal Information

Europol Confirms Takedown of SMS-based FluBot Spyware

Former OpenSea Head of Product Charged With NFT Insider Trading
FBI Thwarted Cyberattack Against Boston Children’s Hospital

Hundreds of Elasticsearch Databases Targeted in Ransom Attacks

Telegram’s Blogging Platform Abused in Phishing Attacks

RuneScape Phishing Steals Accounts and In-Game Item Bank PINs

SideWinder Hackers Plant Fake Android VPN App in Google Play Store

New Unpatched Horde Webmail Bug Lets Hackers Take Over Server by Sending Email

New Windows Search Zero-Day Added to Microsoft Protocol Nightmare

Windows MSDT Zero-Day Vulnerability Gets Free Unofficial Patch

Cybersecurity Startup Ordr Nabs $40M to Monitor Connected Devices for Anomalies

The Race to Hide Your Voice

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