Ukrainian Officials’ Phones Targeted by Hackers -Cyber Watchdog

At Least Three Russian Ministry Website Reportedly Hacked

Costa Rican Government Held up by Ransomware … Again… This Time by Hive

Ransomware Gangs Now Give Victims Time to Save Their Reputation

Ransomware Attacks Have Dropped. And Gangs Are Attacking Each Other’s Victims

Meet the Vigilantes Who Hack Millions in Crypto to Save It From Thieves

AlphaBay Is Taking Over the Dark Web—Again

LastPass’ Mobile App Offers Access to Your Desktop Vault Without a Master Password

Apple Demos Safari’s ‘Passkeys’ Support in macOS Ventura That Will Help Bring an End to Passwords

Elon Musk Threatens to Pull Out of Twitter Deal Without More Information About Fake Accounts
Windows Zero-Day Exploited in U.S. Local Gov’t Phishing Attacks

Italian City of Palermo Shuts Down All Systems to Fend Off Cyberattack

Texas Gulf Bank Confirms Data Breach From Unauthorized Access to Employee Email Accounts

Rainier Arms Reports Data Breach Impacting the Credit Card Numbers of 46K+ Customers

‘Move-to-Earn’ Application Stepn Suffers Cyber Attack After Upgrade

Mandiant: “No Evidence” We Were Hacked by LockBit Ransomware

QBot Now Pushes Black Basta Ransomware in Bot-Powered Attacks

CISA Warned About Critical Vulnerabilities in Illumina’s DNA Sequencing Devices

Unpatched Critical Flaws Disclosed in U-Boot Bootloader for Embedded Devices

The U.S. Isn’t Getting Ahead on Cyber Security Threats

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