Biden Signs Cyber Bills Into Law

Former NSA Chief Warns of Russian Cyberattacks Against U.S. Financial Sector

Russian Gov’t Hackers Hit Ukraine With Cobalt Strike, CredoMap Malware

Kazakhstan Gov’t Used Spyware Against Protesters

Report: Daycare Monitoring Apps Are ‘Dangerously Insecure’

Magecart Attacks Are Still Around: And They Are Becoming More Stealthy

HPE Tackles Cyber Skills Shortage with Hands-On Experience

Phishing Gang Behind Millions in Losses Dismantled by Police

Twitter Board Recommends Elon Musk Takeover Bid
Cloudflare Outage Knocks Hundreds of Websites Offline

Yodel Parcel Company Confirms Cyberattack Is Disrupting Delivery

Acorda Therapeutics (NY) Announces Data Breach After Compromised Emails

Robert Half International Reports Data Breach Affecting Consumers’ SSNs

Brooks County (TX) Pays off Hacker With Tax Dollars After Ransomware Attack

New Toddycat Apt Targets MS Exchange Servers in Europe and Asia

7-Zip Now Supports Windows ‘Mark-Of-The-Web’ Security Feature

Adobe Acrobat May Block Antivirus Tools From Monitoring PDF Files

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