Google Says Attackers Worked With ISPs to Deploy Hermit Spyware on Android and iOS

Conti Ransomware Finally Shuts Down Data Leak, Negotiation Sites

Roe v. Wade Reversal Spurs Democrats’ Call for Data Privacy Protections

NetSec Goggle Shows Search Results Only From Cybersecurity Sites

CafePress Fined $500K for Breach Affecting 23 Million

Carnival Is Fined $5 Million by New York for Cybersecurity Violations

U.S. Watchdog Is Worried Cyber Insurance Won’t Cover ‘Catastrophic Cyberattacks’

Cybersecurity’s Bad and It’s Getting Worse

Why We’re Getting Vulnerability Management Wrong

Amsterdam Cyber Startup Hadrian Closes €10.5M Seed for Platform That Simulates Hacker Attacks
$100 Million Worth of Crypto Has Stolen From Harmony’s Blockchain Bridge Horizon

Fast Shop Brazilian Retailer Discloses “Extortion” Cyberattack

Automotive Fabric Supplier TB Kawashima Announces Cyberattack

TridentCare (MD) Confirms Data Breach After Criminal Breaks into Office and Steals Hard Drives

Clever Phishing Method Bypasses MFA Using Microsoft WebView2 Apps

Fake Copyright Infringement Emails Install LockBit Ransomware

LGBTQ+ Community Warned of Extortionists Abusing Dating Apps

Multiple Backdoored Python Libraries Caught Stealing AWS Secrets and Keys

Hackers Exploit Mitel VoIP Zero-Day in Likely Ransomware Attack

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