Pro-China Group Uses Dragonbridge Campaign to Target Rare Earth Mining Companies

Calls for UK Bans on Chinese CCTV Makers Hikvision, Dahua Expand

Hamas Attempts to Hack IDF Soldiers’ Phones

Smaller Companies Are Urged to Adopt Multifactor Authentication

NIST Acknowledges First Four Quantum-Resistant Encryption Tools

Researchers Share Techniques to Uncover Anonymized Ransomware Sites on Dark Web

Battle Over Big Tech Bills Goes Down to the Wire

Pentagon: We’ll Pay You if You Can Find a Way to Hack Us
Marriott Confirms Latest Data Breach, Possibly Exposing Info on Guests, Employees

Ransomware on Professional Finance Company Affects 600 Hospitals, Practices

Cyber Attack at Cedar Rapids Schools (IA) Shuts Down Summer Programming

Researchers Uncover Malicious NPM Packages Stealing Data from Apps and Web Forms

New RedAlert Ransomware Targets Windows, Linux VMware ESXi Servers

Microsoft Quietly Fixes ShadowCoerce Windows NTLM Relay Bug

The Cybersecurity Threats of Tomorrow That You Should Be Thinking About Today

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