Pegasus Phone Spyware Used to Target 30 Thai Activists, Cyber Watchdogs Say

Russia Fines Google $358 Million for Not Removing Banned Info

TikTok Engaging in Excessive Data Collection, According to New White Paper

CISA Announces Launch of London Bureau

Advocacy Groups Seek Federal Ban on Cyber Ninjas Business

New Study Finds Most Enterprise Vendors Failing to Mitigate Speculative Execution Attacks

Why Cybersecurity Frameworks Alone Won’t Stop The Next Major Breach

Krebs: A Deep Dive Into the Residential Proxy Service ‘911’

DCMS Sets Out Proposal For New AI Rulebook
Flipkart’s Cleartrip Confirms Data Breach After Hackers Put Data for Sale

Anonymous Mental Health App Feelyou Accidentally Exposed 70,000 Personal Emails

Sixt Rent-A-Car Breach Appears to Affect Employees, Dependents, and Customers

Lawson Products Reports Data Breach Affecting a Large Number of Data Types

Colorado Police Investigating Ransomware Attack on Town of Frederick

FBI Warns of Fake Cryptocurrency Apps Used to Defraud Investors

Roaming Mantis Hits Android and iOS Users in Malware, Phishing Attacks

Microsoft’s Latest Security Patch Troubles Windows 11 Users

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