Tory Leadership Vote Delayed After GCHQ Hacking Alert

Ukraine Takes Down 1,000,000 Bots Used for Disinformation

Taiwan Expects Increased ‘Psychological Warfare’ After Pelosi Visit

Spanish Research Agency Still Recovering After Ransomware Attack

Portman Warns Against Overlap in Government Cyber Leadership

You Can’t Choose When You’ll Be Hit by Ransomware, but You Can Choose How You Prepare

Code Dark: Children’s Hospital Strives to Minimize Impact of Hacks

Ransomware Attacks Taking Toll on Security Professionals

The Microsoft Team Racing to Catch Bugs Before They Happen

5 Ways Chess Can Inspire Strategic Cybersecurity Thinking

A New Attack Easily Knocked Out a Potential Encryption Algorithm

Corporate Lobbying Could Imperil Sweeping Data Privacy Bill

Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks For Hybrid Work Environments
Russian Organizations Attacked With New Woody RAT Malware

Thousands of Solana Wallets Drained in Attack Using Unknown Exploit

35,000 Code Repos Not Hacked—but Clones Flood Github to Serve Malware

School Kid Uploads Ransomware Scripts to PyPI Repository as ‘Fun’ Project

Community Surgical Supply (NJ) Breach: Attacker Encrypts Sensitive Consumer Info

The North Highland Company (GA) Data Breach Affects Current and Former Employees

Leaked Image Shows Ransomware Attack Hit Linn-Mar School District (IA)

Cloned Atomic Wallet Website Is Pushing Mars Stealer Malware

Microsoft Accounts Targeted With New MFA-Bypassing Phishing Kit

Researchers Warns of Large-Scale AiTM Attacks Targeting Enterprise Users

Cisco Fixes Critical Remote Code Exec VPN Router Bug

Windows 11 Smart App Control Blocks Files Used to Push Malware

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