Agency Identified 700-Plus Pages of Classified Records at Trump’s Home

Biden Stays Silent on Mar-a-Lago Search

Suspected Iranian Hackers UNC3890 Targeted Several Israeli Organizations for Espionage Since 2020

Ex-Twitter Exec Blows the Whistle, Alleging Reckless and Negligent Cybersecurity Policies

‘Egregious Deficiencies,’ Bots, and Foreign Agents

Congress Is Investigating Twitter Whistleblower Claims

Security Pros Are Rallying to Defend the Twitter Whistleblower

Initiative Aims to Tackle Cyber Threats as Self-Driving Cars Gain Traction

Pirated 3DMark Benchmark Tool Delivering Info-Stealer Malware

Ransomware: Most Attacks Exploit These Common Cybersecurity Mistakes – Fix Them Now: Microsoft

VMware Carbon Black Endpoint Security Solution Causing BSOD Crashes on Windows
French Hospital Hit by $10M Ransomware Attack, Sends Patients Elsewhere

Google Uncovers Tool Used by Iranian Hackers ‘Charming Kitten’ to Steal Data from Email Accounts

New ‘Donut Leaks’ Extortion Gang Linked to Recent Ransomware Attacks

Mansfield ISD (TX) Experiencing Cyber Attack, Phones & Internet Down

Service By Medallion (CA) Reports Data Breach Following Compromised Employee Email Account

Clark Patterson Lee (NY) Reports Data Breach Following “Encryption” Event

Phishing Attacks Abusing SAAS Platforms See a Massive 1,100% Growth

Air-Gap Attack Exploits Gyroscope Ultrasonic Covert Channel to Leak Data

ETHERLED: Air-Gapped Systems Leak Data via Network Card Leds

Microsoft Finds Critical Hole in Operating System That for Once Isn’t Windows

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