U.S., Israel Formalize Bilateral Cyber Partnership

The U.S. Government Got Caught Using Social Media Sock Puppets to Spread Propaganda

How ‘Kimsuky’ Hackers Ensure Their Malware Only Reach Valid Targets

Scammers Create ‘AI Hologram’ of C-Suite Crypto Exec

Scans of Students’ Homes During Tests Are Deemed Unconstitutional

Hackers Abuse Genshin Impact Anti-cheat System to Disable Antivirus

LastPass Source Code, Blueprints Stolen by Intruder

To Bring PLG to Cybersecurity, Let’s Change Our Hiring Habits
PyPI Packages Hijacked After Developers Fall For Phishing Emails

The O․MG Elite Cable Is a Scarily Stealthy Hacker Tool

Okta Hackers ‘0ktapus’ Behind Twilio and Cloudflare Breach Hit Over 130 Organizations


Microsoft Attributes New Post-Compromise Capability to Nobelium (aka APT29)

Hackers Adopt Sliver Toolkit as a Cobalt Strike Alternative

Cybercriminals Are Selling Access to Chinese Surveillance Hikvision Cameras

Ransomware Attacks Rose 47 Percent in July

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