IRS Says It Exposed Some Confidential Taxpayer Data on Website

Police Across US Bypass Warrants With Mass Location-Tracking Tool

Google, YouTube Ban Election Trolls Ahead of U.S. Midterms

Hackers Caused a Massive Traffic Jam in Moscow Using a Ride-Hailing App

Krebs: Violence-as-a-Service: Brickings, Firebombings & Shootings for Hire

Dev Backdoors Own Prynt Stealer Malware to Steal Data From Other Hackers

Malware Dev Open-Sources CodeRAT After Being Exposed

Navigating The Cybersecurity Funding Landscape

The Makings of a Successful Threat-Hunting Program: What it Takes

Hoxhunt Primed to Spread Gamified Phishing Awareness in the Enterprise

Coro CEO Guy Moskowitz Plans to Take an Enterprise-Grade Security Capability to the SMB Market
Samsung Says July Data Breach Revealed Some Customers’ Names, Birthdays, and More

Damart Clothing Store Hit by Hive Ransomware, $2 Million Demanded

BlackCat Ransomware Claims Attack on Italian Energy Agency

Hack Shuts Down Internet for Thousands Across Bardstown (KY)

San Francisco 49ers: Blackbyte Ransomware Gang Stole Info of 20K People

Black Knight (FL) Leaked Social Security Numbers Following Data Breach

JuiceLedger Hackers Behind the Recent Phishing Attacks Against PyPI Users

SharkBot Malware Sneaks Back on Google Play to Steal Your Logins

Google Releases Urgent Chrome Update to Patch New Zero-Day Vulnerability

Microsoft Defender Falsely Detects Win32/Hive.ZY in Google Chrome, Electron Apps

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