U.S. Treasury Sanctions Iran’s Intelligence Ministry for Alleged Cyberattack on Albania

Coinbase Bankrolls Lawsuit Against Treasury Department Following Tornado Cash Sanctions

Ransomware Gangs Switching to New Intermittent Encryption Tactic

Krebs: Transacting in Person with Strangers from the Internet

Uber Exec Accused of Disguising Data-Breach Extortion as “Bug Bounty”

Microsoft, Cloud Providers Move to Ban Basic Authentication

Cybersecurity Expert: Even if You Debunk It, People Believe the Deepfake
Vice Society Claims LAUSD Ransomware Attack, Theft of 500GB of Data

LA School District Was Warned of Ransomware Threat Before Recent Shutdown

Holiday Inn Online Bookings Tank After Suspected Ransomware Attack: Franchisees

Wilson’s Gun Shop (AR) Announces Data Breach

Lampion Malware Returns in Phishing Attacks Abusing WeTransfer

Attackers Exploit Zero-Day WordPress Plug-in Vulnerability in BackupBuddy

Firmware Bugs in Many HP Computer Models Left Unfixed for Over a Year

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