White House to Tech World: Promise You’ll Write Secure Code – Or Feds Won’t Use It

DOJ Indicts Iranians for Allegedly Hacking and Extorting U.S. Groups

The Twitter Whistleblower’s Testimony Has Senators Out for Blood

Death of Queen Elizabeth II Exploited to Steal Microsoft Credentials

SparklingGoblin APT Targeted Hong Kong University With New Linux Backdoor

Phishing Page Embeds Keylogger to Steal Passwords as You Type

EA’s New Anti-cheat Tools Dip Into the Dreaded “Kernel Mode”

Microsoft Teams Stores Auth Tokens as Cleartext in Windows, Linux, Macs

Self-Checkouts, IoT And The Rise Of Cyber Security Threats In Retail
Vulnerabilities Found in Airplane WiFi Devices, Passengers’ Data Exposed

Gay Hookup Site Typosquatted by 50 Domains to Push Dodgy Chrome Extensions

TIC International Corporation Reports Data Breach Following Conti Ransomware Attack

Researchers Detail OriginLogger RAT — Successor to Agent Tesla Malware

FBI: Hackers Steal Millions From Healthcare Payment Processors

New Lenovo BIOS Updates Fix Security Bugs in Hundreds of Models

Krebs: Wormable Flaw, 0days Lead Sept. 2022 Patch Tuesday

CISA Orders Agencies to Patch Windows, iOS Bugs Used in Attacks

To Ease the Cybersecurity Worker Shortage, Broaden the Candidate Pipeline

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