DHS Rolls Out $1 Billion Investment in Cybersecurity for State and Local Governments

Allies Warn of Iranian Ransom Attacks Using Log4Shell

CISA Orders Agencies to Patch Vulnerability Used in Stuxnet Attacks

What Does a Doomsday Level Cyber Attack Look Like?

Can Reflections in Eyeglasses Actually Leak Info From Zoom Calls? Here’s a Study Into It

TeamTNT Hijacking Servers to Run Bitcoin Encryption Solvers

Fake Cryptocurrency Giveaway Sites Have Tripled This Year

Krebs: Botched Crypto Mugging Lands Three U.K. Men in Jail

Beloved Browser Extension Acquired by Non-beloved Antivirus Firm Avast

LastPass Says Hackers Had Internal Access for Four Days

Google, Microsoft Can Get Your Passwords via Web Browser’s Spellcheck

Highly Skilled Tech Workers Are Becoming a Rarity, and Companies Have Tough Decisions to Make

Bitdefender Releases Free Decryptor for LockerGoga Ransomware
Uber Investigating the Scope of a Breach of Its Computer Systems

Uber Claims No Sensitive Data Exposed in Latest Breach… But There’s More to This

Uber Hacker May Have Compromised Secret Bug Reports

Uber’s Hack Shows the Stubborn Power of Social Engineering

GTA 6 Source Code and Videos Leaked After Rockstar Games Hack

Empress Emergency Medical Services (NY) Discloses Data Breach After Ransomware Attack

Hacker Sells Stolen Starbucks Data of 219,000 Singapore Customers

Physicians’ Spine and Rehabilitation Specialists of Georgia Breached, Possible Ransomware

Suffolk County Documents Stolen in Cyberattack Posted on Dark Web

Emotet Botnet Now Pushes Quantum and BlackCat Ransomware

Researchers Find Link b/w PrivateLoader and Ruzki Pay-Per-Install Services

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