Companies Should Treat Cyber Threats as Core Business Risk, U.S. Cyber Official Says

Hackers Admit Destroying InterContinental Hotels Group’s Data ‘For Fun’

MFA Fatigue: Hackers’ New Favorite Tactic in High-Profile Breaches

Imperva Mitigated Long-Lasting, 25.3 Billion Request DDoS Attack

Beware of Phish: American Airlines, Revolut Data Breaches Expose Customer Info

How to Dodge New Ransomware Tactics

CFOs Should No Longer View Cybersecurity as Insurance

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Will Turn On Tamper Protection by Default

Telegram Has a Serious Doxing Problem

Dozens of Civil Rights Groups Are Calling on Amazon and MGM to Cancel Ring Nation Reality Show

California Signs Internet Privacy Legislation to Boost Children’s Safety Online
2K Game Support Hacked to Email Redline Info-Stealing Malware

Targeted Players With Malware

Hive Ransomware Claims Attack on New York Racing Association

Kiwi Farms Has Been Breached; Assume Passwords, Emails & IP Addresses Have Been Leaked

Hacker Steals $160 Million From Crypto Trading Firm Wintermute

Cash Express Files Notice of Data Breach 

City Furniture (FL) Files Notice of Data Breach

South Redford School District (MI) Cancels Classes Following Cyberattack

Wolfe Clinic Eye Care Fallout Grows: 543K Patients Added to Breach Tally

Critical Vulnerability in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Allowed Unauthorized Access

Windows 11 22H2 Adds Kernel Exploit Protection to Security Baseline

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