Google Sees Russia Coordinating With Hackers in Cyberattacks Tied to Ukraine War

Ukraine Dismantles Hacker Gang That Stole 30 Million Accounts

Details of Over 300,000 Russian Reservists Leaked, Anonymous Claims

Sweden Tests Cyber Defenses as War and NATO Bid Raise Security Risks

Pentagon Launches Effort to Assess Crypto’s Threat to National Security

Why Even Big Tech Companies Keep Getting Hacked—and What They Plan to Do About It

VPN Providers Flee India as a New Data Collections Law Takes Hold

Iran Blocks Whatsapp, Instagram as Citizens Protest Death of Mahsa Amini

Signal Calls on Users to Run Proxies for Bypassing Iran Blocks

Biden Administration Eases Sanctions to Boost Iranian People’s Internet Access

Krebs: Accused Russian RSOCKS Botmaster Arrested, Requests Extradition to U.S.

London Police Arrest Teen Hacking Suspect but Won’t Confirm GTA 6, Uber Links

Multi-Million Dollar Credit Card Fraud Operation Uncovered
American Airlines Learned It Was Breached From Phishing Target

TAP Cyberattack: Portuguese President’s Personal Data Stolen

Npm Packages Used by Crypto Exchanges Compromised

Microsoft SQL Servers Hacked in TargetCompany Ransomware Attacks

New Hacking Group ‘Metador’ Lurking in ISP Networks for Months

Ransomware Data Theft Tool Exmatter May Show a Shift in Extortion Tactics

Sunshine Coast Regional District (BC) Acknowledges Cyber Attack

Noberus Ransomware Gets Info-Stealing Upgrades, Targets Veeam Backup Software

Sophos Warns of New Firewall RCE Bug Exploited in Attacks

Hackers Exploited Zero-Day RCE Vulnerability in Sophos Firewall — Patch Released

CISA Warns of Hackers Exploiting Recent Zoho ManageEngine Vulnerability

Windows 11 Now Warns When Typing Your Password in Notepad, Websites

This Image Shows Its Own MD5 Checksum — And It’s Kind of a Big Deal

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