NATO Leader on Ukraine’s Fast-Track Into Alliance: Membership ‘Has to Be Taken by Consensus’

CISA Directs Federal Agencies to Improve Cybersecurity Asset Visibility and Vulnerability Detection

The Founder of ‘Black Girls in Cyber’ Sees Lots More Work to Do

National Cybersecurity Awareness Program 18 Years On: Don’t Click That

Small Utilities Must Master Cybersecurity

How Ransomware Is Causing Chaos in American Schools

The High Cost of Living Your Life Online

From Today, America and UK Follow New Rules on How They Can Demand Your Data From Each Other

Healthcare Company Owners Get Jail Time for $7m Fraud Scheme

Transit Swap Exploiter Returns Large Chunk of $28.9M Hack
Russian Retail Chain Digital Network System (DNS) Confirms Hack After Data Leaked Online

Ferrari Says Internal Documents Online, but No Evidence of Cyber Attack

focusIT (AZ) Files Official Notice of Data Breach of Compromised Customer Info

Phishing Campaigns Target KFC, McDonald’s in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore

Web Browser App Mode Can Be Abused to Make Desktop Phishing Pages

Researchers Link Cheerscrypt Linux-Based Ransomware to Chinese Hackers Emperor Dragonfly

Comm100 Chat Provider Hijacked to Spread Malware in Supply Chain Attack

Fake Microsoft Exchange ProxyNotShell Exploits for Sale on GitHub

Microsoft Exchange Server Zero-Day Mitigation Can Be Bypassed

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