Russian Military Hackers Linked to Ransomware Attacks in Ukraine

Russia’s Sway Over Criminal Ransomware Gangs Is Coming Into Focus

Russian LockBit Ransomware Operator Arrested in Canada

Kaspersky to Kill Its VPN Service in Russia Next Week

Ukraine Arrests Fraud Ring Members Who Made €200 Million per Year

Apple Limits AirDrop in China After Its Use in Protests

Krebs: Lawsuit Seeks Food Benefits Stolen By Skimmers

Twitter Turmoil Worsens

Majority of Security Managers Lack Threat Intelligence Skills

Hacker Rewarded $70,000 for Finding Way to Bypass Google Pixel Phones’ Lock Screens

Is Cybersecurity Awareness Month Anything More Than PR?

Flashpoint Releases Ransomware Prediction Model for Vulnerabilities
Pupils’ Data Spread Online in Hereford School Cyber Attack

Petersen International Underwriters (CA) Reports Data Breach

United Veterinary Care (FL) Sends Data Breach Letter

Salud Family Health (CO) Reports Data Breach Following Apparent Cyberattack

U.S. Health Dept Warns of Venus Ransomware Targeting Healthcare Orgs

Phishing Drops IceXLoader Malware on Thousands of Home, Corporate Devices

FBI Warns Scammers Now Impersonate Refund Payment Portals

Researchers Uncover PyPI Package Hiding Malicious Code Behind Image File

Worok Hackers Hide New Malware in PNGs Using Steganography

Microsoft Fixes MoTW Zero-Day Used to Drop Malware via ISO Files

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