Red Tape, Potholes and Politics Hamper NATO’s Defence Efforts as the Russia Threat Rises

Cyber as Important as Missile Defences: Ex-NATO General

U.S. Offshore Oil and Gas Installation at ‘Increasing’ Risk of Cyberattack

Autonomous Vehicles Join the List of U.S. National Security Threats

World Cup Phishing Emails Spike in Middle Eastern Countries

Luna Moth Phishing Extortion Campaign Targets Businesses in Multiple Sectors

Attackers Bypass Coinbase and MetaMask 2FA via TeamViewer, Fake Support Chat

Microsoft: Hackers Are Using This ‘Concerning’ Tactic to Dodge Multi-Factor Authentication

The Long, Lonely Wait to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account

Google Wins Legal Battle Against Two Russians Connected with the Glupteba Botnet

Two Estonians Arrested for Running $575M Crypto Ponzi Scheme

Investors Are Pouring Cash Into These 10 Cybersecurity Startups
Daixin Ransomware Gang Steals 5 Million AirAsia Passengers’ and Employees’ Data

Hackers Steal $300K in DraftKings via Credential Stuffing

DraftKings Says No Evidence Systems Were Breached Following Report of a Hack

Westmount (QC) Hit by Ransomware

Commonwealth Care Alliance of California Reports Data Breach Leaking Patient Health Info

Eagle Bank (MD) Data Breach Compromised Customer Social Security Numbers

South Walton Fire District (FL) Warns Patients About Cyber Attack Incident

Notorious Emotet Malware Returns With High-Volume Malspam Campaign

Google Identifies 34 Cracked Versions of Popular Cobalt Strike Hacking Toolkit in the Wild

Aurora Infostealer Malware Increasingly Adopted by Cybergangs

Google Chrome Extension Used to Steal Cryptocurrency, Passwords

Thousands of Algolia API Keys Could Expose Users’ Data

Microsoft’s Attempts to Harden Kerberos Authentication Broke It on Windows Servers

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