Ukraine War: Blackouts Across Ukraine Amid Wave of Russian Strikes

Dozens of Russian Groups Steal 50 Million User Passwords

Pro-Russian Hacktivists Take Down EU Parliament Site in DDoS Attack

Yanluowang Ransomware’s Russian Links Laid Bare in Online Leaks

Microsoft Says Attackers Are Hacking Energy Grids by Exploiting Decades-Old Software

UK Privacy Tsar Defends Controversial Enforcement Strategy

Panaseer Launches Guidance on Security Controls Ahead of EU’s New Legislation

Meta Removes Pro-U.S. Accounts in Middle East and Central Asia

U.S. Military Influence Campaign

Ducktail Hackers Now Use WhatsApp to Phish for Facebook Ad Accounts

Grassley Presses Musk Over Twitter Data Security Concerns, Whistleblower Allegations

Musk Says He’s Done With Twitter Layoffs

Now Hiring!

Cyber Due Diligence in M&As Uncovers Threats, Improves Valuations
Sonder Takes Steps After Data Breach

Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Union Notifies Victims of Ransomware Attack

Doctors’ Center Hospital (PR) Announces Breach Affecting Over One Million Patients

Disability Services of the Southwest Has Data Breach

Health Care Management Solutions (WV) Data Breach Affects 500,000 Individuals

Driver’s License Numbers for 470K May Have Been Exposed in Suffolk Cyberattack

Wright & Filippis (MI) Data Breach Affects More than 877k Individuals

Mercyhurst University (PA) Announces Data Breach

GATE Petroleum Company (FL) Announces Data Breach

Hackers Exploiting Abandoned Boa Web Servers to Target Critical Industries

Qakbot Infections Linked to Black Basta Ransomware Campaign

Backdoored Chrome Extension ‘SearchBlox’ Installed by 200,000 Roblox Players

Fake MSI Afterburner Targets Windows Gamers With Miners, Info-Stealers

Mali GPU ‘Patch Gap’ Leaves Android Users Vulnerable to Attacks

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