Russian-Backed Hackers ‘Killnet’ Actively Targeting U.S. Health Care Sector, HHS Warns

The List So Far

New Report Reveals NikoWiper Malware That Targeted Ukraine Energy Sector

U.S., Middle Eastern Allies Include Cyber Collaboration in Abraham Accords

Microsoft: Over 100 Threat Actors Deploy Ransomware in Attacks

Microsoft Disables Verified Partner Accounts Used for OAuth Phishing

Microsoft Upgrades Defender to Lock Down Linux Gear for Its Own Good

You Really Need to Update Firefox and Android Right Now

OpenAI Releases Tool to Detect AI-Written Text
Google Fi Customers Caught Up in Recent T-Mobile Data Breach

Nantucket Schools Close After Ransomware Attack

Tucson Unified School District Hit by Cyber Attack

DocuSign Brand Impersonation Attack Bypasses Security Measures, Targets Over 10,000

PoS Malware Can Block Contactless Payments to Steal Credit Cards

New Sh1mmer ChromeBook Exploit Unenrolls Managed Devices

Exploit Released for Critical VMware vRealize RCE Vulnerability

Over 29,000 QNAP Devices Unpatched Against New Critical Flaw

Firmware Flaws Could Spell ‘Lights Out’ for Servers

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