New Russian-Backed Gamaredon’s Spyware Variants Targeting Ukrainian Authorities

Russia-Ukraine War Has Improved U.S. Cyber Cooperation, Says Key Official

Anker’s Eufy Admits Unencrypted Videos Could Be Accessed, Plans Overhaul

Threat Actors Use ClickFunnels to Bypass Security Services

APT Groups Use Ransomware TTPs as Cover for Intelligence Gathering and Sabotage

Netflix’s US Password-Sharing Crackdown Isn’t Happening—Yet

Former Ubiquiti Dev Pleads Guilty to Trying to Extort His Employer

Discrepancies Discovered in Vulnerability Severity Ratings

Rising ‘Firebrick Ostrich’ BEC Group Launches Industrial-Scale Cyberattacks
North Korean Hackers Exploit Unpatched Zimbra Devices in ‘No Pineapple’ Campaign

Lazarus Group Attack Identified After Operational Security Fail

LockBit Ransomware Attack on Data Firm Ion Could Take Days to Fix

Super Bock Says ‘Cyber’ Nasty ‘Disrupting Computer Services’

Australia’s Black and White Cabs Booking Service Offline After Cyber Attack

Stealthy HeadCrab Malware Compromised Over 1,200 Redis Servers

Hackers Weaponize Microsoft Visual Studio Add-Ins to Push Malware

Malvertising Attacks Are Distributing .Net Malware Loaders

Cisco Fixes Bug Allowing Backdoor Persistence Between Reboots

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