Embarrassment as U.S. Cyber Ambassador’s Twitter Account Is Hacked

No Evidence Global Ransomware Hack Was by State Entity, Italy Says

VMware Finds No Evidence of 0-Day in Ongoing ESXiArgs Ransomware Spree

LockBit Ransomware Gang Claims Royal Mail Cyberattack

‘Phishing-As-A-Service’ Kits Are Driving an Uptick in Theft: One Business Owner’s Story

Three U.S. Data Breaches Show Varied Healthcare Exposure Risks

Corporate Boards Struggle to Understand Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation

Inside Safe City, Moscow’s AI Surveillance Dystopia

Google Unveils Bard, its Rival to ChatGPT

Microsoft Authenticator Drops Support for Apple Watch

Drugs Labs Busted After Encrypted Chat App Takedown

Prominent UK Cybersecurity Stock Darktrace Is Under Attack From Short Sellers
GuLoader Malware Using Malicious NSIS Executables to Target E-Commerce Industry

Mint Mobile Gets Affected by T-Mobile Recent Data Breach

Sharp HealthCare (CA) Notifies Nearly 63,000 Patients of Data Breach

Motto Mortgage (CO) Files Notice of Recent Data Breach, Exposing Consumers SSNs

Hidalgo County (TX) Adult Probation Office Hit by Ransomware Attack

Linux Variant of Clop Ransomware Spotted, But Uses Faulty Encryption Algorithm

Hackers Backdoor Windows Devices in Sliver and BYOVD Attacks

Exploit Released for Actively Exploited GoAnywhere MFT Zero-Day

Actively Exploited GoAnywhere MFT Zero-Day Gets Emergency Patch

OpenSSH Releases Patch for New Pre-Auth Double Free Vulnerability

Three Ways To Stop Playing Cybersecurity Whac-A-Mole

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