EU Cybersecurity Agency Warns Against Chinese APTs

Google Report Reveals Russia’s Elaborate Cyber Strategy in Ukraine

‘Russian Hacktivists’ Brag of Flooding German Airport Sites

Experts Warn of RambleOn Android Malware Targeting South Korean Journalists

Armenia and Azerbaijan Hackers Use OxtaRAT to Monitor Conflict

Cloud Infrastructure Used By WIP26 For Espionage Attacks on Telcos

Krebs: New Protections for Food Benefits Stolen by Skimmers

Samsung Has Created a Zero-Click Antivirus for Messages

How to Unlock Your iPhone With a Security Key

Twitter Limits SMS-Based 2-Factor Authentication to Blue Subscribers Only

Europol Busts ‘CEO Fraud’ Gang That Stole €38M in a Few Days

Norwegian Police Recover $5.8M Crypto From Massive Axie Infinity Hack
FBI Says It Has ‘Contained’ Cyber Incident on Bureau’s Computer Network

Hackers Ran Amok Inside GoDaddy for Nearly 3 Years

Data Leak Hits Thousands of Liverpool NHS Workers

MKS Instruments (MA) Data Breach Affects Current and Former Employees

Paul Smith’s College (NY) Data Breach Impacts Over 10k Individuals

Suffolk County, N.Y., Restores Systems After September Cyberattack

New WhiskerSpy Malware Delivered via Trojanized Codec Installer

Critical RCE Vulnerability Discovered in ClamAV Open Source Antivirus Software

Fortinet Issues Patches for 40 Flaws Affecting FortiWeb, FortiOS, FortiNAC, and FortiProxy

AppSec Threats Deserve Their Own Incident Response Plan

Here’s the 12 Best Ways to Avoid Being Scammed Online

The Five Important Moments In History That Shaped The Modern Cybersecurity Landscape

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