How the Russia-Ukraine War Has Changed Cyberspace

Ukraine Says Russian Hackers Backdoored Gov’t Websites in 2021

Batteries Are Ukraine’s Secret Weapon Against Russia

Russian Authorities Claim Ukraine Hackers Are Behind Fake Missile Strike Alerts in Almost a Dozen Cities

WinorDLL64 Backdoor Linked to Lazarus Group

How I Broke Into a Bank Account With an AI-Generated Voice

U.S. Regulators Warn Banks to Be on Alert for Crypto-Related Liquidity Risks

Valve “Honeypot” Used to Ban 40,000 Dota 2 Players Using Cheat

You Can’t Trust App Developers’ Privacy Claims on Google Play

Forsage DeFi Platform Founders Indicted for $340 Million Scam

FTX Fiasco Founder SBF Faces Further Fraud Charges

FTC: Americans Lost $8.8 Billion to Fraud in 2022 After 30% Surge

U.S. Extradites Russian Individual for Allegedly Selling Malicious Software
Datacenters in China, Singapore Cracked by Crims Who Then Targeted Tenants

LockBit Leaks 44GB of Royal Mail’s Data and Sets Fresh £33 Million Ransom

Vice Society Ransomware Gang Leaked 2K Los Angeles Student Health Records Online

Hutchinson Clinic (PA) Posts Notice of Data Breach Affecting Sensitive Patient Information

Clasiopa Hackers Use New Atharvan Malware in Targeted Attacks

Hackers Using Trojanized macOS Apps to Deploy Evasive Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

Python Developers Warned of Trojanized PyPI Packages Mimicking Popular Libraries

A World of Hurt for Fortinet and Zoho After Users Fail to Install Patches

Apple Warns of 3 New Vulnerabilities Affecting iPhone, iPad, and Mac Devices

Microsoft Urges Exchange Admins to Remove Some Antivirus Exclusions

How Cybersecurity Executives Make the Case for Continued Tech Investments in a Tough Economy

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