U.S. Marshals Service Investigating Ransomware Attack, Data Theft

CISA Tells Agencies What to Prioritize to Meet Cybersecurity Log Mandate

Australia Plans to Reform Cyber Security Rules, Set up Agency

China Makes It Even Harder for Data to Leave Its Shores

Krebs: When Low-Tech Hacks Cause High-Impact Breaches

Researchers Discover Nearly 200,000 New Mobile Banking Trojan Installers

Researchers Share New Insights Into RIG Exploit Kit Malware’s Operations

ChatGPT Is Down Worldwide – OpenAI Working on Issues

A Year After Russia’s Invasion, Cyberdefenses Have Improved Around the World
Minneapolis Public Schools Still Investigating What Caused ‘Encryption Event’

Hacker Leaks Alleged Activision Employee Data on Cybercrime Forum

Alvaria (MA) Announces Data Breach Following Hive Ransomware Attack

Advanced Health Media Leaked SSNs Following Recent Data Breach

Crum & Forster (NJ) Announces Data Breach

New Exfiltrator-22 Post-Exploitation Kit Linked to LockBit Ransomware

RIG Exploit Kit Still Infects Enterprise Users via Internet Explorer

PlugX Trojan Disguised as Legitimate Windows Debugger Tool in Latest Attacks

Critical Flaws in WordPress Houzez Theme Exploited to Hijack Websites

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