Cyber Command Chief: Election Interference Is Not Going Away

Watchdog Says U.S. Cyber Agency Lacks a Plan for Communicating During Major Hacks

Russia’s Cyber Tactics in Ukraine Shift to Focus on Espionage

Russian Disinformation Campaign Records High-Profile Individuals on Camera

How to Tell if Your Laptop Camera Has Been Hacked and Someone Is Spying on You

White House Backs Senate Bill to Boost U.S. Ability to Ban TikTok

Shein App Accessed Clipboard Data on Android Devices

The Daring Ruse That Exposed China’s Campaign to Steal American Secrets

How Denmark’s Welfare State Became a Surveillance Nightmare

Twitter Just Let Its Privacy- And Security-Protecting Tor Service Expire

Next-Gen Mobile Internet — 6G — Will Launch in 2030, Telecom Bosses Say, Even as 5G Adoption Remains Low

LastPass Hack: Engineer’s Failure to Update Plex Software Led to Massive Data Breach

Pro-Putin Scammers Trick Politicians and Celebrities Into Low-Tech Hoax Video Calls

The Rise of Zero-Trust Cybersecurity in a Multicloud World
Sharp Panda Target Southeast Asia in Espionage Campaign Expansion: ‘Radio Silence’ Mode to Evade Detection

Acer Confirms Breach After 160GB of Data for Sale on Hacking Forum

Brazilian Conglomerate Andrade Gutierrez Suffers 3TB Data Breach

Ransomware Attack Against Barcelona Hospital Disrupts Operations

Houston Healthcare (GA) Falls Victim to Cybersecurity Attack

Minneapolis Public Schools Says Hackers Behind Alleged Attack Posted Some Data Online

Northern Essex Community College (MA) Closed for 5th Day Due to Cyberattack

1st Franklin Financial Corporation (GA) Notifies Customers of Recent Data Breach

Transparent Tribe Hackers Distribute CapraRAT via Trojanized Messaging Apps

SYS01stealer: New Threat Using Facebook Ads to Target Critical Infrastructure Firms

Emotet Malware Attacks Return After Three-Month Break

Android March 2023 Update Fixes Two Critical Code Execution Flaws

Microsoft Excel Now Blocking Untrusted XLL Add-Ins by Default

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