U.S. Congressman Darin LaHood Says the FBI Unlawfully Targeted Him

Fifth of Government Workers Don’t Care if Employer is Hacked

Tehran Targets Female Activists in Espionage Campaign

Rubio Takes Aim At Planned Ford U.S. Battery Plant Using Chinese Technology

Pentagon Unveils Cyber Workforce Strategy to Tackle Labor Shortage

Krebs: Who’s Behind the NetWire Remote Access Trojan?

Google Trashes the Chrome Cleanup Tool

FBI Warns of Cryptocurrency Theft via “Play-To-Earn” Games

TikTok Initiates Project Clover Amid European Data Security Concerns

Inadvertent Data Destruction After a Cyberattack Can Violate EU Privacy Rules

Scammers Are Using AI to Impersonate Your Loved Ones: Here’s What to Watch Out For
Remcos Trojan Returns to Most Wanted Malware List After Ukraine Attacks

AT&T Blames Marketing Bods for Exposing 9M Subscriber Account Records

Microsoft: Business Email Compromise Attacks Can Take Just Hours

Akamai Mitigates Record-Breaking 900Gbps DDoS Attack in Asia

IceFire Ransomware Now Encrypts Both Linux and Windows Systems

8220 Gang Behind ScrubCrypt Attack Targeting Oracle Weblogic Server

Hackers Exploiting Remote Desktop Software Flaws to Deploy PlugX Malware

Suspected Chinese Cyber Spies Target Unpatched SonicWall Devices

GitHub Makes 2FA Mandatory Next Week for Active Developers

How to Jump-Start Your Cybersecurity Career

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