Senator Warner Wants US Spies to Justify a TikTok Ban

UK Bans TikTok on Government Devices Following U.S. Move

U.S. FTC Asks Social Media, Video Streaming Firms Info on Misleading Ads

Snapchat’s New Parental Control Filters Aim to Protect Minors From Sensitive Content

Courts Side With Big Companies Including Amazon and Experian in Privacy Appeals

Microsoft Support ‘Cracks’ Windows for Customer After Activation Fails

Conti-Based Ransomware ‘Meowcorp’ Gets Free Decryptor

Chinese SilkLoader Malware Sold to Russian Cyber-Criminals

Winter Vivern APT Hackers Use Fake Antivirus Scans to Install Malware
Latitude Cyberattack Leads to Data Theft at Two Service Providers

Trinity Health of New England Employee Email Breach Exposed Patients’ Personal Data

Cryptojacking Group TeamTNT Suspected of Using Decoy Miner to Conceal Data Exfiltration

BianLian Ransomware Pivots From Encryption to Pure Data-Theft Extortion

Convincing Twitter ‘Quote Tweet’ Phone Scam Targets Bank Customers

Fortinet Zero-Day Attacks Linked to Suspected Chinese Hackers

Adobe Acrobat Sign Abused to Push Redline Info-Stealing Malware

Google Finds 18 Baseband Zero-Day Bugs in Samsung Exynos Chipsets

Google Proposes Reducing TLS Cert Life Span to 90 Days

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