Google TAG Warns of North Korean-linked ARCHIPELAGO Cyberattacks

UK Discloses Offensive Cyber Capabilities Principles

Spain’s Most Dangerous and Elusive Hacker Now in Police Custody

Krebs: FBI Seizes Bot Shop ‘Genesis Market’ Amid Arrests Targeting Operators, Suppliers

New Dark Web Market STYX Focuses on Financial Fraud Services

Here’s Where the A.I. Jobs Are

Log4j Bug Being Used in New Malicious Attacks
Database Snafu Leaks 600K Records from Z2U Marketplace

Our Lady of the Lake University (TX) Notifies Data Breach Victims

CryptoClippy: New Clipper Malware Targeting Portuguese Cryptocurrency Users

Typhon Reborn Stealer Malware Resurfaces with Advanced Evasion Techniques

Hackers Using Self-Extracting Archives Exploit for Stealthy Backdoor Attacks

Open Nexx Garage Doors Anywhere in the World by Exploiting This “Smart” Device

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