Evasive Panda’s Backdoor MgBot Delivered Via Chinese Software Updates

Tencent QQ Users Hacked in Mysterious Malware Attack, Says ESET

Alloy Taurus Hackers Update PingPull Malware to Target Linux Systems

Charming Kitten’s New BellaCiao Malware Discovered in Multi-Country Attacks

Ukrainian Arrested for Selling Data of 300M People to Russians

DoJ, Treasury Accuses 3 Men of Laundering Crypto for North Korea

Google Disrupts the CryptBot Info-Stealing Malware Operation

Cyber Chiefs Forge Partnerships With Physical Security Units as Combined Threats Grow

A U.S. Bill Would Ban Kids Under 13 From Joining Social Media

Tinder Is Implementing Video Verification to Further Curb Creepy Scammers

Microsoft Probes Complaints of Edge Leaking Urls to Bing
HR Firm StaffScapes Discloses Data Breach

Astral Brands Discloses Data Breach

Cyberattack Disrupts Lowell (MA) City Government, Shuts Down Computers

Truman State University (MO) Slowly Recovering From ‘Cybersecurity Virus Attack’

Students’ Psychological Reports, Abuse Allegations Leaked by Minneapolis Schools Ransomware Hackers

Apache Superset Vulnerability: Insecure Default Configuration Exposes Servers to RCE Attacks

Cisco Discloses XSS Zero-Day Flaw in Server Management Tool

PrestaShop Fixes Bug That Lets Any Backend User Delete Databases

Critical Flaw Patched in VMware Workstation and Fusion

Google will add End-to-End encryption to Google Authenticator

Effects of the Hive Ransomware Group Takedown

There’s No Silver Bullet for Cybersecurity

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