FBI Takes Down Russian ‘Snake’ Computer Malware Network That Attacked NATO Nations, Journalists

Beijing Raids Consultancy, State-Sponsored Media Warns More to Come

The Team of Sleuths Quietly Hunting Cyberattack-for-Hire Services

The Billion-Dollar Ponzi Scheme That Hooked Warren Buffett and the U.S. Treasury

EU Draft Rules Propose Tougher Cybersecurity Labelling Rules for Amazon, Google, Microsoft

Github Now Auto-Blocks Token and API Key Leaks for All Repos

Cybersecurity Needs to Be Part of Your Product’s Design from the Start

The Problem of Old Vulnerabilities And What to Do About It

Spanish Police Dismantle Phishing Operation Linked to Crime Ring

Krebs: Feds Take Down 13 More DDoS-for-Hire Services
Food Distribution Giant Sysco Warns of Data Breach After Cyberattack

PRGX Global (GA) Notifies 13,231 Individuals of Recent Data Breach

Petaluma Health Center (CA) Files Official Notice of Data Breach Following Recent Cyber-Incident

Royal Ransomware Expands to Target Linux, VMware ESXi

Operation ChattyGoblin: Hackers Targeting Gambling Firms via Chat Apps

Researchers Uncover SideWinder’s Latest Server-Based Polymorphism Technique

New ‘AndoryaBot’ Botnet Campaign Exploits Ruckus Wireless Flaw

New Linux Kernel NetFilter Flaw Gives Attackers Root Privileges

Microsoft May 2023 Patch Tuesday Fixes 3 Zero-Days, 38 Flaws

Microsoft Issues Optional Fix for Secure Boot Zero-Day Used by Malware

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