MOVEit hack: Clop Gang Claims Not to Have BBC, BA, and Boots Data

Russian APT28 Hackers Breach Ukrainian Gov’t Email Servers

Cyberattack Hits European Investment Bank, Follows Warning to Financial Sector From Russian Hackers

DoNot Team: Rogue Android Apps Target Pakistani Individuals in Sophisticated Espionage Campaign

Data Leak at Major Law Firm HWL Ebsworth Sets Australia’s Government and Elites Scrambling

Crypto Hack Alarms Ramp up as Authorities Crack Down After $3.7 Billion Stolen

Reddit Confirms BlackCat Gang Pinched Some Data

Over 100,000 ChatGPT Accounts Found in Dark Web Marketplaces

Majority of Users Neglect Best Password Practices: Keeper Security

Microsoft Fixes Azure AD Auth Flaw Enabling Account Takeover

Meta Unveils Voicebox AI to Replicate the Voices of Your Friends and Loved Ones
Hackers Warn University of Manchester Students’ of Imminent Data Leak

Medibank’s Staff Details Stolen After Property Manager Faces Cyber Breach

Oreo Cookie Maker Mondelez International Says Crooks Gobbled up Staff Info

Smart Pet Feeders Expose Personal Data

Internet, Email Access Further Restored at Stephen F. Austin University Following Cyber Attack

Experts Uncover Year-Long Cyber Attack on IT Firm Utilizing Custom Malware RDStealer

New Condi Malware Builds DDoS Botnet Out of TP-Link AX21 Routers

Hackers Infect Linux SSH Servers With Tsunami Botnet Malware

VMware Warns of Critical vRealize Flaw Exploited in Attacks

Researchers Expose New Severe Flaws in Wago and Schneider Electric OT Products

Zyxel Releases Urgent Security Updates for Critical Vulnerability in NAS Devices

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