China Propaganda Spreads via US News Sites, Freelancers, Times Square

Cyber-Attack Strikes Norwegian Government Ministries

Lazarus Hackers Hijack Microsoft IIS Servers to Spread Malware

JumpCloud Hack Linked to North Korea After OPSEC Mistake

Clop Could Make $100m From MOVEit Campaign

Code Kept Secret for Years Reveals Its Flaw—a Backdoor

Flipper Zero Now Has Its Own App Store for iOS, Android Users

A Critical Cybersecurity Backup Plan That Too Many Companies Are Ignoring

Google Half-Patches Cloud Build Permissions Exploit, the Rest Is on You
Quinn Emanuel Reports Cyber Attack Involving ‘Limited’ Client Data

Tampa General Hospital Data Breach Impacts 1.2 Million Patients

Yamaha Confirms Cyberattack After Multiple Ransomware Gangs Claim Attacks

Italian Asset Manager Azimut Targeted by BlackCat Hackers

Critical Zero-Days in Atera Windows Installers Expose Users to Privilege Escalation Attacks

New OpenSSH Vulnerability Exposes Linux Systems to Remote Command Injection

AMD Zenbleed Chip Bug Leaks Secrets Fast and Easy

Ivanti Patches MobileIron Zero-day Bug Exploited in Attacks

Apple Fixes New Zero-Day Used in Attacks Against iPhones, Macs

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