China Says Wuhan Earthquake Centre Attacked by Overseas Hackers

Repeatable VEC Attacks Target Critical Infrastructure

Krebs: Who and What is Behind the Malware Proxy Service SocksEscort?

ALPHV Ransomware Adds Data Leak API in New Extortion Strategy

Twitter Scammers Stole $1,000 From My Friend—So I Hunted Them Down

Microsoft Previews Defender for IoT Firmware Analysis Service

Russia Throws Founder of Infosec Biz Group-IB Ilya Sachkov in the Clink for 14 Years for Treason

Tackling the Labor Shortage in Cybersecurity

U.S. SEC Adopts New Cyber Rule, Unveils Brokerage AI Proposal
Cyber Attack in South England Leaves Hospitals Without Access to Patient Records

Lazarus Hackers Linked to $60 Million Alphapo Cryptocurrency Heist

Fenix Cybercrime Group Poses as Tax Authorities to Target Latin American Users

Dark Web Markets Offer New FraudGPT AI Tool

New Nitrogen Malware Pushed via Google Ads for Ransomware Attacks

Akira Ransomware Compromised at Least 63 Victims Since March

Almost 40% Of Ubuntu Users Vulnerable to New Privilege Elevation Flaws

Windows 10 KB5028244 Update Released with 19 Fixes, Improved Security

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