Biden Announces National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy

APT31 (aka Judgment Panda and Zirconium) Implants Target Industrial Organizations

UK Military Embraces Security by Design

No Evidence Ransomware Victims With Cyber Insurance Pay Up More Often, UK Report Says

Hackers Steal Signal, WhatsApp User Data With Fake Android Chat App

Canon Warns of Wi-Fi Security Risks When Discarding Inkjet Printers

Hikvision, Nvidia Named in Contract for ‘Uyghur Detection’

California Opens Privacy Probe Into Who Controls, Shares the Data Your Car Is Collecting

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Opposes New SEC Cybersecurity Reporting Rule
Mattress Giant Tempur Sealy Hit With Cyberattack Forcing System Shutdown

Paramedic Billing Services Provides Notice of Data Breach Affecting Patient SSNs and PHI

Mendocino County (CA) Office of Education Announces Possible Ransomware Attack or Data Hack

SpyNote Android Spyware Strikes Financial Institutions

Fruity Trojan Uses Deceptive Software Installers to Spread Remcos RAT

Hackers Exploit BleedingPipe RCE to Target Minecraft Servers, Players

New P2PInfect Worm Targets Redis Servers with Undocumented Breach Methods

AVRecon Botnet Leveraging Compromised Routers to Fuel Illegal Proxy Service

It’s Hot Zero-Day Summer for Apple, Google, and Microsoft Security Fixes

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