Japan’s Cybersecurity Agency Breached by Suspected Chinese Hackers

Chinese Hacking Group Exploits Barracuda Zero-Day to Target Government, Military, and Telecom

FBI Brings Down Massive Qakbot Botnet That Infected More Than 700,000 Computers

Operation Duck Hunt: How the FBI Nuked Qakbot Malware From Infected Windows PCs

Meta Says It Has Disrupted a Massive Disinformation Campaign Linked to Chinese Law Enforcement

The Weird, Big-Money World of Cybercrime Writing Contests

Microsoft Warns of Adversary-in-the-Middle Uptick on Phishing Platforms

Verizon Is Making It Easier to Block Spam Texts Sent by Email

Biometrics? Bring It On: Why Okta’s Jameeka Green Aaron Wants Passwords to Go Away

Genshin Impact Dev Will Sue Kaveh Hacks Users and Developers

Apple Security Boss Faces iPads-For-Gun-Permits Bribery Charge… Again
University of Michigan Cuts Itself off From Internet After Mystery Security Snafu

Hacktivists Breach Iranian Surveillance System

Cancelled Flights: Air Traffic Disruption Caused by Flight Data Issue

New Ransomware Campaign Targets Citrix NetScaler Flaw

DarkGate Malware Activity Spikes as Developer Rents Out Malware to Affiliates

New Android MMRat Malware Uses Protobuf Protocol to Steal Your Data

DreamBus Malware Exploits RocketMQ Flaw to Infect Servers

Hackers Exploit Critical Juniper RCE Bug Chain After PoC Release

Microsoft Adds HSTS Support to Exchange Server 2016 and 2019

iFixit Wants Congress to Let It Hack McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines

Addressing Cybersecurity’s Talent Shortage & Its Impact on CISOs

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