Russian APT Intensifies Cyber Espionage Activities Amid Ukrainian Counter-Offensive

Russia’s GRU Blamed for Infamous Chisel Malware Targeting Ukraine’s Military Phones

Facebook Accounts Targeted by Vietnamese Threat Groups

New Research Exposes Airbnb as Breeding Ground For Cybercrime

Free Key Group Ransomware Decryptor Helps Victims Recover Data

UK Cyber Agency Warns of Potentially Fundamental Flaw in AI Technology

Voice Deepfakes Are Coming for Your Bank Balance

IBM Promised to Back Off Facial Recognition — Then It Signed a $69.8 Million Contract to Provide It

Apple’s Decision to Kill Its CSAM Photo-Scanning Tool Sparks Fresh Controversy

X Wants Permission to Start Collecting Your Biometric Data and Employment History

Cybersecurity Firms Crowdstrike, Okta Shares Jump After Better-Than-Expected Earnings
North Korean Hackers Deploy New Malicious Python Packages in PyPI Repository

Earth Estries’ Espionage Campaign Targets Governments and Tech Titans Across Continents

Paramount Discloses Data Breach Following Security Incident

Forever 21 Data Breach: Hackers Accessed Info of 500,000

Sourcegraph Website Breached Using Leaked Admin Access Token

LogicMonitor Customers Hacked in Reported Ransomware Attacks

Chambersburg Area School District (PA) Announces Hit by Recent Ransomware Attack

Gaston College (NC) Reveals Scope of Ransomware Attack

Classiscam Spreads: $64.5M Scheme Targets 79 Countries

SapphireStealer Malware: A Gateway to Espionage and Ransomware Operations

Google Fixes Serious Security Flaws in Chrome and Android

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