Iranian Hackers Breach U.S. Aviation Org via Zoho, Fortinet Bugs

Chinese Social Media Campaigns Are Successfully Impersonating U.S. Voters, Microsoft Warns

North Korea Hackers Going After Russian Targets, Microsoft Says

Google: State Hackers Attack Security Researchers With New Zero-Day

U.S. and UK Mount Aggressive Crackdown on Trickbot and Conti Ransomware Gangs

Hundreds of Scam Pages Uncovered in Major Investment Fraud Campaign

Surge in Hospital Hacks Endangers Patients, Cyber Official Says

The International Criminal Court Will Now Prosecute Cyberwar Crimes

Facebook Trains Its AI on Your Data. Opting Out May Be Futile

UK Government Backs Down on Anti-Encryption Stance

Russian Businessman Gets 9 Years in Us Prison for Hack-And-Trade Scheme

CEO, Ex-NSA Hacker Says ‘People Hate’ This Advice—but It’s Your ‘Single Biggest’ Protection From Scams: Multi-Factor Authentication

Does Generative AI Comply With Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotics?
Hackers Claim to Publish Prominent Israeli Hospital’s Patient Data

Hong Kong Tech Hub Cyberport Alerts Police, Privacy Watchdog After Reports of Ransomware Attack Exposing 400GB of Data

Bienville Orthopaedic Specialists (MS) Data Breach Leaks as Many as 240,000 Social Security Numbers

Mac Users Beware: Malvertising Campaign Spreads Atomic Stealer macOS Malware

Windows Cryptomining Attacks Target Graphic Designer’s High-Powered GPUs

Google Looker Studio Abused in Cryptocurrency Phishing Attacks

Rockstar Games Reportedly Sold Games With Razor 1911 Cracks on Steam

Alert: Apache Superset Vulnerabilities Expose Servers to Remote Code Execution Attacks

CISA Warns of Critical Apache RocketMG Bug Exploited in Attacks

Cisco BroadWorks Impacted by Critical Authentication Bypass Flaw

Apple Zero-Click iMessage Exploit Used to Infect iPhones with Spyware

Apple Discloses 2 New Zero-Days Exploited to Attack iPhones, Macs

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