Canada Bans WeChat and Kaspersky Apps On Government Devices

Meta Launches Paid Ad-Free Subscription in Europe to Satisfy Privacy Laws

White House Hosts Counter Ransomware Initiative Summit, With a Focus on Not Paying Hackers

Dozens of Countries Will Pledge to Stop Paying Ransomware Gangs

Why Ransomware Victims Can’t Stop Paying off Hackers

Apple Alert: India Opposition Says Government Tried to Hack Phones

In Cyberattacks, Iran Shows Signs of Improved Hacking Capabilities

Krebs: .US Harbors Prolific Malicious Link Shortening Service

LastPass Breach Linked to Theft of $4.4 Million in Crypto

Cyber Chiefs Worry About Personal Liability as SEC Sues SolarWinds, Executive

Budget Cuts, Layoffs Add to Pressure on Cyber Teams

Half of Execs Request Security Bypass Over Past Year

Florida Man Jailed After Draining $1M From Victims in Crypto SIM Swap Attacks

Now Russians Accused of Pwning JFK Taxi System to Sell Top Spots to Cabbies
Ace Holed: Hardware Store Empire Felled by Cyberattack

Cybersecurity Snafu Sends British Library Back to the Dark Ages

SW Ontario Hospitals Confirm Patient Data Compromised in Cyberattack

Flipper Zero Bluetooth Spam Attacks Ported to New Android App

Scarred Manticore Targets Middle East With Advanced Malware

Arid Viper Campaign Targets Arabic-Speaking Users

Trojanized PyCharm Software Version Delivered via Google Search Ads

Malicious NuGet Packages Caught Distributing SeroXen RAT Malware

Exploit Released for Critical Cisco IOS XE Flaw, Many Hosts Still hacked

Atlassian Warns of New Critical Confluence Vulnerability Threatening Data Loss

Apple, Google, and Microsoft Just Patched Some Spooky Security Flaws

Avast Confirms It Tagged Google App as Malware on Android Phones

Samsung Galaxy Gets New Auto Blocker Anti-malware Feature

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