North Korea’s New BlueNoroff Malware Variant Targets Cryptocurrency Exchanges

SideCopy Exploiting WinRAR Flaw in Attacks Targeting Indian Government Entities

A New U.S. Privacy Bill Seeks to End Warrantless Police and FBI Spying

Data Broker’s “Staggering” Sale of Sensitive Info Exposed in Unsealed FTC Filing

Google, Meta, Discord, and More Team Up to Fight Child Abuse Online

Woman Jailed After rentahitman.com Assassin Turned Out to Be – Surprise – FBI

Bradford Ethical Hacker Honoured With Record-Breaking Work

Microsoft Authenticator Now Blocks Suspicious MFA Alerts by Default
Japan Aviation Electronics (JAE) Breached By ALPHV

Cook County (IL) Health: Data Breach Potentially Affected up to 1.2 Million Patients

Data Breach at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Affects 665,000 Customers

TransForm Says Ransomware Data Breach Affects 267,000 Patients

Dakota Eye Institute Files Notice of Data Breach Affecting More Than 107k

Pulaski County (VA) Public Schools Investigating Cyber Attack

Fake Ledger Live App in Microsoft Store Steals $768,000 in Crypto

GootBot Implant Heightens Risk of Post-Infection Ransomware

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