Huawei ‘Failed to Improve UK Security Standards’

Lawmakers Introduce Bill Targeting Foreign Disinformation on Social Media

Privacy, Civil Rights Groups Demand Transparency From Amazon on Election Data Breaches

Emotet Emails Strike Thousands of DNC Volunteers

New Service Checks if Your Email Was Used in Emotet Attacks

Twitter Shutters 130 Iranian Accounts Trying to Disrupt Presidential Debate

Online Journals Flagged as Election Disinformation Threat

U.S. Treasury Warns Cyber Insurers Payments to Hackers May Violate Sanctions

Krebs: Ransomware Victims That Pay Up Could Incur Steep Fines from Uncle Sam

Universal Health Services Says Its Network Is Being Restored After Malware Incident

Cloud Biz Blackbaud Admits Ransomware Criminals May Have Captured Folks’ Bank Info

H&M Fined €35.2m for GDPR Violations
Global Regulator International Maritime Organization Hit by Cyberattack

Hackers Leak Files Stolen in Pakistan’s K-Electric Ransomware Attack

Nebraska Medicine Provides Update on ‘Cyber Attack’ Causing Network Issues

InterPlanetary Storm Botnet Infects 13K Mac, Android Devices

Experts Warn of $15m Global BEC Campaign

Ransomware Gangs Add DDoS Attacks to Their Extortion Arsenal

Cryptojacking: The Unseen Threat

Microsoft Office 365 Phishing Attack Uses Multiple CAPTCHAs

Spammers Smuggle LokiBot Via URL Obfuscation Tactic

Critical Flaws Discovered in Popular Industrial Remote Access Systems

NVIDIA Fixes High Severity Flaws in Windows Display Driver

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