Majority of Americans Concerned About Potential Foreign Election Interference: Poll

Voter Registration ‘Error’ Phish Hits During U.S. Election Frenzy

Ransomware Disrupts COVID-19 Medical Trials

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) Hit by Multiple Phishing and Spam Emails

CEOs of Google, Facebook and Twitter to Testify Before Senate

Years-Long ‘SilentFade’ Attack Drained Facebook Victims of $4M

LatAm Banking Trojans Collaborate in Never-Before-Seen Effort

Rare Bootkit Malware Targets North Korea-Linked Diplomats

Microsoft: Iranian Hackers Actively Exploiting Windows Zerologon Flaw

Krebs: Attacks Aimed at Disrupting the Trickbot Botnet

A Millionaire Hacker’s Lessons for Corporate America

Video-Game Piracy Group ‘Team Xecuter’ Leaders in Custody

Researchers Mixed on Sanctions for Ransomware Negotiators

Ransomware Victims Aren’t Reporting Attacks to Police. That’s Causing a Big Problem

Malware Families Turn to Legit Pastebin-Like Service
Egregor Ransomware Threatens ‘Mass-Media’ Release of Corporate Data

Hacker Group Compromises Mobile Provider to Steal Credit Cards

Grindr Fixed a Bug Allowing Full Takeover of Any User Account

Students and Employees Notified of Gulf Coast State College Data Breach

Horry County (SC) Police Investigating After Virtual Classroom Hacked, According to District

Black-T Malware Emerges From Cryptojacker Group TeamTNT

Tenda Router Zero-Days Emerge in Spyware Botnet Campaign

Crypto-Mining Malware Adds Linux Password Stealing Capability

Mosaicregressor: Second-Ever UEFI Rootkit Found in the Wild

Post Grid WordPress Plugin Flaws Allow Site Takeovers

HP Device Manager Backdoor Lets Attackers Take Over Windows Systems

New Flaws in Top Antivirus Software Could Make Computers More Vulnerable

New Ransomware Vaccine Kills Programs Wiping Windows Shadow Volumes

Hacker Uploads Own Fingerprints To Crime Scene In Dumbest Cyber Attack Ever

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