UK Cyber Head Says Russia Responsible for ‘Devastating’ Ransomware Attacks

China Has Won AI Battle With U.S., Pentagon’s Ex-software Chief Says

Microsoft Reports Iranian Hackers Targeting U.S., Israeli Defense Companies

U.S. Set Out to Hobble China’s Huawei, and So It Has

Huawei Cloud Targeted by Updated Cryptomining Malware

Cybersecurity Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Google Gives Security Keys to 10,000 High-Risk Users

Facebook Says It Will Add New Safety Features, Notably for Teens on Instagram, After Bombshell Whistleblower Leak

Ukrainian Police Arrest DDoS Operator Controlling 100,000 Bots
Pacific City Bank Discloses Ransomware Attack Claimed by AvosLocker

Hacker Steals Patients’ Data From San Juan Regional Medical Center (NM)

Quest-Owned Fertility Clinic ReproSource Announces Data Breach After August Ransomware Attack

Oregon Eye Specialists Discloses Data Breach Following Employee Email Compromise

LibreOffice, OpenOffice Bug Allows Hackers to Spoof Signed Docs

GitHub Revokes Duplicate SSH Auth Keys Linked to Library Bug

Apple Releases iOS 15.0.2 for iPhone With Bug and Security Fixes

Microsoft Defender for Identity to Detect Windows Bronze Bit Attacks

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