U.S. Ban on Sales of Cyberattack Tools Is Anemic, Experts Warn

CISA Awards $2 Million to Cybersecurity Programs for Rural, Diverse Communities

Groove Ransomware Calls on All Extortion Gangs to Attack U.S. Interests

America Must Protect These 5 Technologies if It Wants to Remain a Superpower, Intelligence Officials Warn

22% of Brits Received Proof of Vaccination Phishing Email in Past Six Months

Edward Snowden Warns Weakening Encryption Would Have Dire Consequences: ‘Privacy Is Power’

FTC: ISPs Collect and Monetize Far More User Data Than You’d Think

Microsoft Rolls Out a Public Preview of E2EE in Teams Calls

How Many Users Does Facebook Have? The Company Struggles to Figure It Out

Google Charges More Than Twice Its Rivals in Ad Deals, Unredacted Suit Says

Nebraska Issues First Federal Cyber-stalking Sentence

Hacker Sells the Data for Millions of Moscow Drivers… for $800

DarkSide Ransomware Rushes to Cash Out $7 Million in Bitcoin
‘Lone Wolf’ Hacker Group Targeting Afghanistan and India with Commodity RATs

Tesco Admits It Has Been Hit by a Cyber-Attack

CoinMarketCap Hack Reportedly Leaks 3.1 Million User Email Addresses

Italian Celebs’ Data Exposed in Ransomware Attack on SIAE

SCUF Gaming Store Hacked to Steal Credit Card Info of 32,000 Customers

Corry School District (PA) Says Ransomware Attack May Have Exposed Data on Staff, Students

Acorn Stairlifts Is Victim of Cyber Attack

Threat Actors Abuse Discord to Push Malware

Popular NPM Library Hijacked to Install Password-Stealers, Miners

Microsoft Warns of TodayZoo Phishing Kit Used in Extensive Credential Stealing Attacks

Microsoft: WizardUpdate Mac Malware Adds New Evasion Tactics

Microsoft 365 Will Get Support for Custom Arc Configurations

BlackMatter Ransomware Victims Quietly Helped Using Secret Decryptor

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