U.S., Allied Nations Force REvil Ransomware Group Offline

Ransomware Gang ‘Fin7’ Masquerades as Real Company ‘Bastion Secure’ to Recruit Tech Talent

Microsoft Now Defends Nonprofits Against Nation-State Attacks

Document Leak Reveals Nations Lobbying to Change Key Climate Report

450 Million Cyberattacks Attempted on Japan Olympics Infrastructure: NTT

Cybercrime Matures as Hackers Are Forced to Work Smarter

How Psychology Can Save Your Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program

New Senate Bill Would Take Steps to Protect AI-Collected Data

Research Finds Consumer-Grade IoT Devices Showing Up On Corporate Networks

U.S. Imprisons Bulletproof Hosting Providers

Dutch Arrest Nine for Impersonating Bank Clerks to Steal From the Elderly
Trump’s Truth Social Hacked Within Hours of Announcement

Gigabyte Allegedly Hit by AvosLocker Ransomware

PHI Stolen From Humana and Anthem Vendor PracticeMax

MCH Group Targeted in Latest Swiss Cyber Attack

Massive Campaign Uses YouTube to Push Password-Stealing Malware

Evil Corp Demands $40 Million in New Macaw Ransomware Attacks

RAT Malware Spreading in Korea Through Webhards and Torrents

TA551 Shifts Tactics to Install Sliver Red-Teaming Tool

Bug in Popular WinRAR Software Could Let Attackers Hack Your Computer

Google Launches Android Enterprise Bug Bounty Program

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